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There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.

-Vicki Baum

​​​​ A super fun,funk/hip hop

choreography dance with the safe low impact movement.

​You can learn choreography in the non intimidating environment!  

 The add on choreography changes

  bi-weekly, ( Please check my instagram for the update of the song and choreography of the week ) so you will always be learning something new and have more chances to do the choreography more than one class! 

*New!Upper Body Isolation Practice video   


👇The weekly class update is below! 👇

The last minute class update & Weekly choreography videos & the music info 

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put notification on. Thank you!!


                     *No one can see you!

             So you can take class with PJs!


​            *With this BAND app, more likely  

          you will not experience lags, stream    

            disconnections, frozen screen,

            delays of the view and the sound. 

            *Please find the best WiFi spot 

         if your router is in the different room, 

             you can get a "Range Extender", 

          it will improve the WiFi connection. 

                    *If you miss the class,

           the whole class  video will be saved

                       to the group page,

                  you can dance anytime! 

                  *The next class schedule, 

      any updates and the songs for the class 

                are posted on the group page. 

              Please join       

     My private group page 

​            on BAND app

 1. Please message me your email. 



 2. I will email you the waiver 

 3. Please reply "I agreed."

      to the waiver email. 

 4. I will email you my private 

      BAND group page link. 

 5. Please download BAND app 

     and sign up ( FREE )

    ( Desktop, iPad and phone )

     After you sign up, you can log in 

     go to - BAND.US

     Use my BAND group page link 

​     to join the group. 

     Once you join the group, you 

     don't need the link anymore.

 6. Join the Live class! 

​ 7. The class video will be saved to 

     the group page, you can watch

     & dance anytime!

 8. To watch saved full 8 class

     videos of May & June is FREE! 

 9. From July, 1 month subscription 

     will be $10 - This fee will include 

     the full access to the group page 

     of 4 live classes & the saved

     class videos. 

     ( It averages $2.50 / class! )   

     The subscription will go by each 

      month. You don't need to make 

      a commitment more than one 


      I will email you the payment  

      method ( Venmo or PayPal )

​      via email.