*No one can see you!

  You can take class with PJs! 


​ *With this BAND app, more likely  

  you will not experience lags.


*Please find the best WiFi spot 

 if your router is in the different room, 

 you can get a "Range Extender", 

 it will improve the WiFi connection. 

*Turn off the notification and clear 

 the search history to avoid glitches.

*If you miss the classes, the full class videos will be saved to the group page,

 you can dance anytime!! 







There are shortcuts to   happiness, and dancing is

one of them.

-Vicki Baum

📣You can still watch the July class videos!

👇Live Dance Classes & Saved Full Class Videos on My BAND App Group Page!👇

👇The weekly class update👇

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      ⬆️😎July class videos😎⬆️

*Cardio Hip Hop 🎶R&B / Hip Hop Medley 

*Cardio Funk 🎶 "My Prerogative"

                           by Bobby Brown

*Slow Jam 🎶 "Pony" by Ginuwine

*Smooth Jazz 🎶 "A Long Walk" by Jill Scott

*Back to Basics 30 minute Dance Training 

*Cardio Funk 🎶 "The Other Side" by 

                           SZA & Justin Timberlake

































​​​ 1. Please message me your email. 



 2. I will email you the waiver 

 3. Please reply "I agreed."

      to the waiver email. 

 4. I will email you my private 

      BAND free trial group page link.

      *You can watch 8 full class 

       videos from May & June 

 5. Download BAND app on your       

     phone & sign up. 

     On your desktop, go to

     - BAND.US and sign up/ log in. 

     Use my BAND group page link 

​     to join the group. 

     You can watch videos with a full 

     screen setting. 

     Once you join the group, you 

     don't need the link anymore.

 6. ​The class video will be saved to 

     the group page, you can watch

     & dance anytime!

*Connect a speaker to your device 

 for a better sound experience

 7. July group page access to watch 

     6 saved class videos -  $10   

 8. August group page access - $10

     *This inlcudes the access to

       at least 4 classes and saved

       full class videos!

 9. Please send $10 to my Venmo

     or PayPal, and please write which 

     group page ( July or August )

     would you like to join. 

     I will email you the BAND group

     page invitation ​link.  ​

10. To watch live class - Just log in

     to my August group page!

           🎶😎Let's dance!!😎🎶