Q. I’ve never took dance choreography class. Can I take your class? 

A. Yes!! If you like Funk / Hip Hop / R&B music, please try!

     If you are very new to dance class, I will suggest to take my Cardio Hip Hop 

     class first or try BAND ( ONLINE ) class, so you can start with your own pace.

     My class doesn’t require special dance skills or experiences, and you can learn in

     a non competitive & non judgmental environment. I will explain the movement

     and the timing and we will repeat over and over with counts & the music. 

     Please try at least 4,5 classes to warm up with my style, steps, and please give some time to

      your body and brains for choreography classes. 

    Never too late to start choreography classes!! So great for our brain, body and soul.❤️

​Q: What's Smooth Choreography class?

I teach different styles each week - Jazz Funk, Groove, Hip Hop, Contemporary,

   Jazz & Fusion etc. And focus on smooth transitions of the movement and the flow. 

Q: Why 75 minutes?
A.I want to include a good warm up, stretch and cool down. That really helps 
   all of us to avoid injuries and gain muscle recovery and can have a

   better performance. And we can drill so many more times to get the moves right.

I personally believe choreography dance classes can be more productive and effective when class is longer than 60 minutes. There is a reason why all the major dance studios in NYC & LA are 90 minutes or 2 hours.


Q. What is "A Sprung Dance Floor" ? 
A. A sprung floor is a floor that absorbs shocks, enhance performance and greatly reduce  
    injuries. So you can protect your back, spines and joints. My classes will be at the studios

    that have good Sprung floors.      


Q. What kind of shoes should I wear? 
A. I will recommend comfortable sneakers with good cushions, cross training sneakers or

    dance sneakers. FUEGO Dance Sneakers are great ( I'm the ambassador of Fuego, you can

    get a 10% discount - The Promo code - REIKODANCE10

    and NIKE - Tanjun is also good for dance. 

    I will not recommend walking / running sneakers, many of those sneakers have too much

    grips, can give stress to your knees and ankles when you swivel. 

Q. What kind of clothes should I wear? 
A. Anything comfortable & easy to dance!  Please do not wear ankle weights or wrist weights. 

                       If you have any questions, please contact me!

​                               Hope to see you on the dance floor!!