I create a new routine and the playlist every week, so our brains and bodies are constantly stimulated and we can avoid the workout “Plateau” phase. 

I break down the steps and slowly add on, and we will dance over and over at the end. 

The class is not a serious or competitive dance class, if you make mistakes or forget the next steps, don’t worry, I’ll give cues constantly so you can catch up very quick.  

After 4 or 5 classes, you will be amazed by your dancing ability, also you can sweat more & more, because you can dig deeper with each steps. 

Never too late to try a choreography dance class, so please join us!! 

Hope to see you on the dance floor!  If you have any questions,

please contact me anytime. 

I teach private lessons, private group classes for corporates, retreats, birthdays etc. 

Choreography & dance lessons for weddings & events. 

Grew up in Yokohama, Japan, started as a Gymnast & a Rhythmic Gymnast, and started dancing in High School. 

I danced for TV shows, commercials, live shows, videos and also taught fitness classes. I moved to New York City in 1992 to attend Alvin Ailey Dance School. I danced for MTV shows, music videos & Off Broadway shows.

I met my husband in New York and moved to Connecticut to start our family, and did choreography for Elementary school plays and Middle School shows and taught fitness classes. We moved to San Diego in 2012.

My passion is to break people’s fear of trying choreography dance class, to create a non intimidating environment for any levels & any ages. When I dance, I purely enjoy music and movement. I want other people to find the same joy. I enjoy teaching classes so much, love to see my dancers get so excited to dance & sweat and leaving with big smiles on their faces! 

Reiko Spivak   ( A short bio )

    About My Choreography Dance Class  


*Certified CPR/ AED